1. Just Passing By

    • Molly:   *rolls eyes* I'm not buying these! I don't like them!
    • Molly:   *takes items out of her trolley*
    • Sherlock:   Fine.
    • Sherlock:   *sneakily puts them back in*
    • Molly:   What are you doing here anyway?
    • Sherlock:   Happened to be passing by.
    • Molly:   You passed by a Tesco. This one. Near my flat. At 7:30pm. And, just happened to run into me?
    • Sherlock:   It's such a coincidence, isn't it?
    • Molly:   *makes 'that' face at him*
    • Sherlock:   *turns up his nose*
    • Molly:   ...
    • Sherlock:   *mumbles* Ihaven'tseenyousincemonday
    • Molly:   So, you tracked down because you missed me?
    • Sherlock:   Pfft! Not you.... specifically.
    • Molly:   *raises brow*
    • Sherlock:   I-I... erm... *gestures aimlessly* What?... That's not what I...
    • Molly:   *crosses arms*
    • Sherlock:   You...you have an appalling lack of edible food at home! There was nothing in your cupboards but twiglets and prawn cocktail crisps!
    • Molly:   *giggles* Been raiding my kitchen, have you?
    • Sherlock:   Oh, look! Mangoes!
    • Sherlock:   *commandeers her trolley and goes up and down the aisles*
    • .
    • Twenty minutes and six shopping bags worth of food later...
    • .
    • Molly:   So, where to next?
    • Sherlock:   Home.
    • Molly:   Oh! Um, okay then. *takes all the bags* Good night!
    • Sherlock:   *frowns* Where are you going?
    • Molly:   Home. I have to put all this stuff away.
    • Sherlock:   *pouts* Am I not allowed to come too?
    • Molly:   But, you said you were going home... Ohhh!
    • Sherlock:   *carries all the bags* Do keep up, Molly.
    • Molly:   *smirks when she thinks he won't notice*
    • Sherlock:   *notices*
    • Sherlock:   *blushes*
  2. Saving the artic would be impossible with this shot.


  3. Me with my super hot date tonight. Lmao. Haha. ♥
    #TomHiddleston #Coriolanus #fangirl

  4. SH following me.
    I swear to god, I did not commit murder, blackmail or burned the heart out of anyone. Yet. Lol.

  5. Arya knows.

    Still re-watching Supernatural when I remembered a scene from GOT.


    Belle + hair porn

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    Well then, See you around professor River Song 

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    and then god said let there be sass and hence sam winchester was created


    Bitching People

    Judging Things

    The Family Business

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